We welcome cooperation with stores, wholesalers, distributors to foreign markets, online sellers, service carpenters who want to use our production capabilities. Our sales network is mainly based on intermediaries in the country and abroad. We will cooperate with wholesale and retail customers throughout Poland and the European Union. Our advantages are first of all our long experience in the industry, minimum lead time and guarantee of quality and reliability of all products.

Over the years of activity, we have established cooperation with many companies and institutions producing furniture for hotels, pharmacies, cottages, prefabricated houses or apartments for rent. Speaking for us is the satisfaction of many contractors to whom we supply stores, both stationary as well as those operating in the Internet industry.

We also encourage to cooperation all kinds of companies in the hotel industry, construction or developer who want to supply their apartments, houses in furniture proven in this field manufacturer. We guarantee competitive prices, punctuality and high quality of service.
Join the group of satisfied co-workers of Meblast!

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